Our mission is to gather evidence of the paranormal.  In doing so we hope to
enhance the credibility and understanding of the paranormal research to the
general public. We carry out investigations at location and also visit places
where unexplained activities have occurred and we attempt to find answers
supporting evidence to either support or oppose a paranormal explanation.
We aim to be objective, unbiased and open minded, without preconceptions
or weighted idea's.   

If you have any experiences that you would like to share with our group or if
you are in need of an investigation feel free to contact us by email or
through our web page.  We do not charge for investigations as we are a not
for profit group.   We currently have 6 members located in Rock Hill SC.
We conduct our investigations professionally, confidentially.  In our
investigations we do use several kinds of recording devices and other
equipment to try and determine the cause of any disturbance.  We will not
publish any identifying evidence collected during our investigation without
permission from the property owner. In some situations we may feel the need
to call upon another group for assistance. In such an instance we will only
use groups that we have either worked with personally or have researched.
Please make yourself at home.  Take a moment to look at the evidence that
we have collected and form your own opinion.  

If you have a paranormal experience that you need assistance with please
feel free to contact any member of our group.
Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
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Do you have a paranormal story or photo you would
like to share? Send it to christy@pastresearchers.com